Increases Case Values and Speed of Settlement

Authentic3D provides value beyond traditional medical illustration and animation.

Actual anatomy of client

Using its patented and novel 3D rendering technology, Authentic3D translates radiologic depicted anatomy into an easy-to-understand 3D video or still image of actual anatomy.

Used as evidence

Our videos and still images present actual anatomy taken straight from the original CT, MRI or X-ray image as opposed to an illustration or animation.

Certified radiologist review

All cases are reviewed and certified by an in-house and board certified neuro or general radiologist for accuracy of annotation and the 3D depiction of actual anatomy.

Less than 72-hour turnaround

Our investment in software development and medical professionals enables customization in automated fashion.


At no more than $995 per scan, Authentic3D videos are affordable for all case types. Please see our Pricing page for additional details.

FDA cleared technology

Our software was designed for medical professionals requiring us to comply with a very high standard, the FDA. Authentic3D’s 3D rendering technology was cleared by FDA in May 2012 (K121023).

Authentic3D vs. Illustration / Animation

Actual Anatomy    
Evidence admissible       
Affordable for all cases       
Useful in pre-litigation       
72–hour turnaround time       
3 still images      
Radiologist certification      
$350 / colorized 3D x-ray