Michael A. Kelly

Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, San Francisco, CA
Member, Inner Circle of Advocates
CAL-ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year for 2014

“Authentic3D’s technology is cutting edge, affordable, and best of all, the end product is admissible. There’s no need to voir dire anyone about whether the product “fairly and accurately represents the MRI or CT study” – it is the MRI or CT study! It’s hard to imagine trying any case anymore relying on two–dimensional plane films.”

Jay Urban

Urban & Taylor S. C., Milwaukee, WI

“Authentic3D movies engage, teach, and enable greater appreciation of client injuries. We used it to help us achieve a $13.3 million verdict. My expert loved having a solution that made his job easier in communicating ACTUAL CTs and MRIs to a jury. The combination of the powerful 3D visual and low price point will have me using Authentic3D for several upcoming mediations.”

Michelle M. Tullio

Garces, Grabler & LeBrocq, NJ

“All three of my spine and neck cases resolved favorably with the Authentic3D videos! I cannot understand why ANY plaintiff attorney would NOT get this done!!”

Marc Lazarus

Russell & Lazarus, Newport Beach, CA

“$16 million verdict! The Authentic3D movie of my client’s pre and post-operative skull fractures and brain injuries were VERY well received by the jurors. Thank you for the great work you did on the case! My return on the Authentic3D movie was over 5,300 times the cost.”

Larry Eisenberg

Past Trial Lawyer of the Year & President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Irvine, CA

“I used Authentic3D to compare 2 Brain MRIs. The 3 minute video by Authentic3D told the story visually and depicted the numerous brain infarcts and atrophy over time. The plaintiff turned down an $850,000 offer at mediation and the case settled for $1.5 million 2 weeks later before trial. This was after the carrier was provided with a copy of the Authentic3D video and still photographs generated from the video. Their work-product is phenomenal and absolutely made the difference in this case. I would highly recommend Authentc3D to visually portray the medical damages sustained.”

Dondi R. Vesprini

Trial Attorney, Buckfire & Buckfire, Southfield, MI

“The Authentic3D video of my client’s actual injuries single-handedly increased the company’s offer by $100,000 during mediation.”

Bernard F. Walsh

National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Sarasota, FL

“You have an amazing product that lawyers need to use to further the interest of their clients!!!”

Colin M. Jones

Medical Director, Vascular Surgery, Detroit Medical Center

“Authentic’s software takes standard CT and MRI data and visualizes actual patient anatomy in 3D, enabling superior analysis and interrogation of patient anatomical structures.”

Greyson M. Goody

The Simon Law Group, LLP, Hermosa Beach, CA

“We used Authentic3D in a recent spinal injury case. The 3D visualization represented the true extent of our client’s injuries as a result of a rear-end car crash. It allowed our spine expert to explain exactly what had occurred, and why our client would need additional surgical procedures. The jury was drawn to our evidence over the Defendant’s, which consisted of an overhead projector and a whiteboard. In the end, it added tremendous value to our case. The jury appreciated it too, returning a verdict of more than $16 million dollars!”

John H. (Jack) Hickey

Hickey Law Firm, P.A., Miami, FL

“I used Authentic3D in a traumatic brain injury case in Florida. The video of my client’s actual injuries in 3D created ‘shock and awe’ with the other side and contributed to a $12 million result for my client. The images were key in presenting at mediation the full extent of the skull fracture and brain injuries of my client. I also appreciated the assistance of 3D with the witness and exhibit lists before trial.”

Shareef Rabaa

Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C., New York, NY

“Authentic3D recently assisted me in a case involving brain and spinal injuries. I couldn’t be happier with the 3D videos of my client’s actual injuries. Their 3D software is tremendous, as is the quality of the Authentic3D customer support personnel. Thank you for the fantastic work!”

Dr. Jeffrey Rubin

Medical Director, Vascular Surgery, Detroit Medical Center

“Authentic’s software takes standard CT and MRI data and visualizes actual patient anatomy in 3D, enabling superior analysis and interrogation of patient anatomical structures.”

Dr. Evan Appelbaum

Imaging Expert, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Authentic3D’s software uniquely affords the user seamless fluidity of movement and thorough investigation and analysis of complex anatomy.”

Sam Davis

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, New Jersey
Chairman, AAJ, Medical Device Product Liability Section

“The 3D scans were admitted into evidence in a traumatic brain injury trial in N.Y. Supreme Court. They became the centerpiece of our neurosurgeon’s testimony that resulted in a $20.4 million verdict. Your neuroradiologist’s input was extraordinarily valuable.”

David Bravo

Bravo Law Firm, New Orleans, Louisiana

“I want to thank you for doing an excellent job on your 3D presentation of two MRI’s. We were able to make a great impression on the defense during mediation by showing the pre-accident and post-accident MRI’s in 3D with a side by side comparison. The case settled after several hours of mediation. The 3D image took away the argument that the injuries were preexisting.”

Richard Patterson

Owen, Patterson & Owen, Valencia, California

“It is an understatement to say that I was very impressed with your service. It is probably the most effective bridge builder for clearly communicating objective signs of injuries from the professionals to the layman and jurors.

Michael Slater

Slater Vecchio, Vancouver, British Colombia

“As someone who specializes in traumatic brain injuries, I have used numerous illustrations, animations and models to try and communicate my client’s injuries to Judges and juries. I was very impressed with Authentic3D’s product, customer service, and pricing and would unequivocally recommend Authentic3D to any lawyer interested in showing a brain related injury.”

Daniel Buckfire

Buckfire & Buckfire, Michigan
2013 DBusiness Top Car Accident Attorney

“The most impactful new product for trial attorneys in years.”

Tad Draper

Tad D. Draper, P.C., Draper, Utah

“NOW, the CT scan has shifted from a boring explanation, to a highlight of curious interest. They are convincing and entertaining…”
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Jon Schmoll

Jon Schmoll
Langer & Langer Attorneys, Indiana

“Authentic3D provides an incredibly valuable litigation tool for trial attorneys…”
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Pete Kaufman

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles

“Authentic’s technology permits an expert witness to show injuries using an easy-to-understand 3D image. For lay people, such as jurors, mediators or adjustors, the impact is astonishing.

Robert Lantzy

Buckfire & Buckfire, Michigan

“Every lawyer who wants to increase the amount of their settlement should use Authentic3D NOW. I used it at a mediation, and the settlement offer from the insurance company increased by six figures. Authentic3D is the best investment money can buy.”

Sam Meklir

Sommers Schwartz, Southfield, MI

“Authentic3D recently assisted me on a med mal stroke case. Their technology is simply amazing – the 3D video of my client’s brain was a game changer. The Authentic3D product, which is very affordable, makes my job much easier in explaining complex medical images to a lay person. I look forward to working with them again.”

Steve Gursten

Michigan Auto Law, Farmington Hills, MI

“Authentic3D is real, it is the client’s real injury that a jury or an insurance adjuster can see with their own eyes. It is admissible because it uses well-established medical technology and the images themselves are not altered. I have recommended Authentic3D to all 18 attorneys in my firm. 3D imaging makes it more understandable for a lay-person to be able to see and fully appreciate the severity of the injury itself.”

Taylor J. Bassett

Morrow, Morrow, Ryan & Bassett, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Thank you guys for the work you did on our exhibits. They came out excellent. We used the videos at mediation last Thursday and got a ton of great feedback on the presentation from the mediator, the clients, and even the defense attorney after the settlement. Others in our firm were very impressed and we’ll definitely look your way next time we need similar exhibits.”

Dr. Ari Blitz

Chief of Cardiac Surgery, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

“With Authentic3D, the anatomy could be viewed, and tears identified, in the context of surrounding structures without being limited by anatomical constraints that exist in traditional 2D and 3D views.”