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Your client's
Actual anatomy
in 3D

Optimize case results

Authentic3D is an FDA cleared medical software company that translates radiologic images (CT, MRI, X-ray) of patient anatomy into actual, convincing and easy-to-understand evidence in 3D for legal professionals seeking to persuade insurance adjusters, attorneys, mediators, arbiters and jurors for optimal case results.
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Actual anatomy of client
100% admissibility guarantee
Certified radiologist review
Less than 72–hour turnaround
$995 per MRI/CT scan
FDA cleared technology

3D vs. Illustrations

Compare our compelling, dynamic 3D videos of your client's actual anatomy to a static, 2D illustration.

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Michael Kelly

Authentic3D's technology is cutting edge, affordable, and best of all, the end product is admissible ...

David Bravo

I want to thank you for doing an excellent job...The case settled after several hours of mediation ...

Sam Davis

The 3D scans were admitted into evidence in a traumatic brain injury trial in N.Y. Supreme Court ...

Shareef Rabaa

Their 3D software is tremendous, as is the quality of the Authentic3D customer support personnel.

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